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Who is he? Where does he come from?

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All his operatives know for certain about Archard is that he is uncannily gifted and astonishingly intelligent. In fact, one might say inhumanly so. Hungry for information, hungry for insights, hungry for solutions. At last, he's faced with mysteries he cannot solve without leaving his armchair, and he's attacking them with a gleam of excitement in his eyes??

Archard will find the answers to his questions?? The police commissioner, the city fathers? The Baroness is doubtless responsible? While actively unraveling the complex schemes of the Baroness, however, Simon not only gets his first glimpse at the heart of her sorcerous power Where has he been? And why is he making Emma fear for her life? The answers begin to unfold this month! And if Simon cannot solve the mystery of their disappearance before daybreak, neither he nor Emma will live to see the dawn! What--or who-- could possibly be stealing an entire town's population during the day--and returning them each night?

And how is this bizarre vanishing tied in with the fabled Enigmatic Prism? Emma's baffled by this turn of events--and matters aren't clarified by the arrival of a new Pressmonk in town! In order to save the city from complete and total destruction, Simon and Emma have no choice but to confront Lightbourne in his own domain?

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Now Simon and Emma risk their lives to save the city of Partington, facing the enemy on a familiar but surprising battlefield--upon which Simon will make an unexpected sacrifice! Solving the case necessitates Simon's taking a direct role as an undercover operative. Meanwhile, Emma has an investigation of her own, one involving a lascivious seaman and a druidess' robes.


Emma rises from the dead, and the Wreckers are revealed to be hiding more secrets than bounty within their lair, a treasure trove leading to something much more insidious But just who are Simon Archard and his lovely partner, Emma Bishop? That is the burning question behind each fantastic case solved by these stylish sleuths. In a world where a veneer of Victorian finery hides mammoth mysteries, Simon and Emma may be the biggest mystery of all.

After the affair of the Wreckers, Simon and Emma return to a Partington still reeling from Malcolm Lightbourne's subterranean attack. But home is merely a stopover for our intrepid detectives. Even as they prepare for an airship voyage in search of Miranda Cross, Simon and Emma are faced with a shadowy blackmailer extorting Partington's elite. Who's extorting Partington's rich and famous? Atlas at the end of the world. Give me the eye. Take your lousy hands off me," yelped the other. Now leave me alone. I'm not through with it yet.

Deino and I will share it and you can starve. Moving stealthily behind Enyo, Perseus grabbed the eye out of her hand as she was busily embroiled in the argument. Pephredo, give me back the eye," Enyo screamed. You do. What did you do, lose it, you imbecile? The sisters all gasped at this voice. I want your help," said Perseus. Politely thanking them, Perseus handed back their belongings. As he and Hermes flew away, they could once again hear disputes over the eye and the tooth.

The river made an abrupt turn as it wound around a mountain of purple rocks covered with golden shrubs, soft as silk to the touch.

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A mist arose from the cascading waterfall as it made the bend and lit the sky in a muted rainbow of hazy light. Willows covered the banks behind the purple mountain and as the wind whistled through their graceful branches giggles could be heard from those who bathed beneath the waterfall. As he approached, Perseus could see beautiful naked bodies dancing beneath the stream. The Stygian nymphs knew Perseus' mission. Whether or not he completed it, they did not care.

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Their concern was only for the moment. He came closer. One of them looked into his eyes and smiled, then splashed him and laughed. He came closer yet. I promise I will return them when I have finished. Perseus and Hermes went to the tree and, in a small crevice at its base, found the special items. Hermes went down on his knees and tied the sandals on Perseus' feet. Then he handed Perseus the knapsack. You will place Medusa's head inside. When it is upon your head you will be invisible to everyone yet you will still be able to see.

He gave his blessing along with directions to the Gorgons. As quickly as he had materialized, Hermes was gone.

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Perseus placed the helmet of Hades upon his head and made sure the kibisis was tied firmly to his belt. With his shield in one hand and the sickle in the other, he focused on his winged sandals and slowly he rose above the ground and flew toward the ocean at the end of the world. Where the river rises above ground you will find a cave which is home to the Gorgons. From the moment you step into the cave, look only at the reflection on your shield.

Rising from its underground source, the river surfaced beneath the palms and, in a torrent, fell off the end of the world; the length of its fall unmeasurable. He slowly descended to earth and stepped down upon the rocks of the riverbank. It was daybreak and the birds called out to warn of the invader. He shrank back as he neared the cave. He could smell death coming from the cave's entrance.