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The Dynamic Great Lakes

When levels fluctuate much above or below the long-term average, the impacts can be significant, especially in highly developed areas where infrastructure was not designed to withstand changing levels. Strategic community planning can mitigate the impact of fluctuating lake levels on the boating industry and other coastal-dependent businesses by taking appropriate steps:. Lake Levels. Strategic community planning can mitigate the impact of fluctuating lake levels on the boating industry and other coastal-dependent businesses by taking appropriate steps: Use updated rainfall data when designing new infrastructure.

Use planning and zoning power to regulate floodplains, coastal land use, placement of structures, and shoreline protection structures.

Stratigraphic and dynamic effects of sediment reworking by Great Lakes zoobenthos

Remove dams to restore natural floodplain processes. Conduct assessments to identify properties and infrastructure vulnerable to flooding, erosion, and lake level changes. Adjust placement of lake-based water intake pipes. The Dynamic Great Lakes.

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Barbara Spring. The five Great Lakes, Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario with their connecting waters are the world's largest freshwater system; about 20 per cent of all the fresh surface water on this planet. Each lake differs from the other and yet these connected lakes are one flowing system connected to the Atlantic through the St. Then they begin. The fish return to their stream and nothing will stop them: they ignore hunger, snares, treble hooks.

On their silvery sides their lateral lines carry everything they need to know; their maps and compasses imbedded in the circuitry of their bodies…the hereditary wisdom of their species carried in a network of circuits from pineal to tail.

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It is a sure knowledge of the west Michigan river system linked to the Great Lakes. Labels: eggs , milt , moon , pineal eyes , salmon , smolts , stars , sun , thermoclines.

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Wednesday, June 26, Poems about Water. Wednesday, May 15, It is precious since there are few places left on this planet that have been preserved like this. There are copper mining pits on the Island where native Americans dug rich veins of copper long ago. There is no traffic on Isle Royale ; only hiking trails.

The sounds of Isle Royale are of bugling moose, the silvery songs of northern songbirds, the lapping of waves on rocks and the quavering voices of loons.

co.organiccrap.com/160570.php The resident pack of wolves are elusive and seldom seen. We did not hear them at all.

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We picked the large berries like none other I have ever tasted, copper color, tangy and delicious. We stayed on Isle Royale for a week and every day we took a different hiking trail. We watched a diving duck teaching her young to dive. We saw a fox near its den, and had a close encounter with a moose. We kept a respectful distance and it casually strolled off. We did not fish, but the rocks off of the island are the place where the Isle Royale redfin lake trout spawn as they have for millennia.

Labels: hiking trail , Isle Royale , Isle Royale redfin lake trout , loons , moose , thimble berries , wolves. The Detroit Free Press.

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  • Water levels are surging in the Great Lakes and likely will set records this summer, forecasters said Monday — a remarkable turnaround from earlier this decade that's bringing welcome relief to shippers and marina owners, but causing flooding and heavy erosion in some areas. A six-month bulletin from the U.

    Army Corps of Engineers predicted Lake Superior and Lake Erie soon will reach unprecedented high points, as a heavy winter snowpack across the region's northern section melts and mingles with water gushing into the lakes from rivers swollen with spring rainfall. Levels have been trending upward at varying rates since , when Lakes Huron and Michigan fell to their lowest points and the other Great Lakes were significantly below normal.

    That was the nadir of a nearly year slump that stranded pleasure boats, forced cargo vessels to lighten loads, dried up wetlands and fueled conspiracy theories that water was somehow being siphoned off to the parched West. Lake Erie is 26 inches 66 centimeters over its long-term average.