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Hammond and Rey, Rediscovery, summarize the expedition of in their introduction, pp.

Lansing B. Bloom, "Who Discovered New Mexico? He opts for the pueblo of Gipuy on Galisteo Creek. Schroeder and Dan S. Matson, eds. Even though the rest of the details are inconclusive, the alleged size of the pueblo would seem to favor Pecos. Gallegos claimed that the natives of this pueblo communicated by signs, while Pedro de Bustamante mentioned "an interpreter of these natives. Marjorie F. For summary and documents of the expedition, see Hammond and Rey, Rediscovery, pp.

Report of Antonio de Espejo. Alvin Eustis, ed. Hammond and Rey ibid. Madrid , IV, pp. Schroeder and Matson, in Colony on the Move, pay particular attention to the expedition's route and provide photographs and excellent maps of the country traversed. Schroeder and Matson comment Colony on the Move, pp.

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They mention seeing for certain only one dead Pecos. AGI, Mex. See Powell, Soldiers, Indians, and Silver, pp. Chevalier, Land and Society, pp. Albuquerque, Collected by Adolph F.

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Bandelier and Fanny R. Bandelier, 3 vols. Washington, D. Gilberto Espinosa Los Angeles, Hammond and Rey, Rediscovery, pp. The documents concerning the Ulloa inspection are in ibid. Hackett, Documents, 1, pp. Madrid, , is a history and description of the province of the Holy Gospel, first published in , by its official chronicler.

Ricard, Spiritual Conquest, pp. Memorial to the viceroy, n. Act of taking possession, Apr. Itinerario, It is strange that Hammond and Rey did not publish this important document. Obediencia y vasallaje a su magestad, San Juan Bautista, Sept. Cited hereafter as Becerro and Prontuario.

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Declaration of San Miguel, Sept. Vetancurt does not even mention Father San Miguel. See Stanley A. Stubbs, Bruce T. Ellis, and Alfred E. Dittert, Jr. No certain documentary reference to this "lost" Pecos church has yet turned up. None of the subsequent sixteenth-century visitors mentioned a church. The first missionary regularly assigned to the pueblo was San Miguel, who stayed only three months late in For twenty years after that, Pecos had no resident missionary.

The consensus today is that the friars next assigned to the pueblo, between and , built this first Pecos church. Presumably by then San Miguel's structure was a ruin, having been stripped of its roof and many of its adobes by the Indians after the friar's hasty departure. Admittedly this too is conjecture. These early references to New Mexico churches affirm the possibility that San Miguel did indeed build the first Pecos church. Escalona to the viceroy, San Gabriel, Oct. Fray Pedro de la Cruz, et al. Scholes and Bloom, "Friar Personnel," pp. The king to Montesclaros, Madrid, June 17, , ibid.

Because the separates are long out of print and scarce, I will cite the instalments in NMHR with volume and page.

This useful source, cited hereafter as LEP, includes only those friars who entered the Order at the Convento Grande, not those invested in Spain or elsewhere. Fray Francisco de Velasco to the king, Apr. Evidently he began doing so not long afterward, although details are scarce. Describing an event that took place about , Capt.

Paul or St.

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Frederick Webb Hodge, George P. Hammond, and Agapito Rey Albuquerque, , pp. LEP, no.

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Rosa Figueroa, Becerro. Testifying in Zambrano stated that "two years before, a little more or less," he had been guardian of the convento at Pecos. Francisco J. Eleanor B. Adams and John E. Zambrano, Aug. Three examples of these vales are in AGN, Inq. Fray Pedro de Ortega, Zambrano's successor at Pecos, claimed that three or four such permits were used in the pueblo while he was there.

Zambrano to the viceroy, Galisteo, Oct. Declarations of Zambrano, Santo Domingo, Apr. Zannbrano to the viceroy, Nuevo Mexico, Nov. Benavides, Revised Memorial, p. Declaration of Ortega, Santa Fe, Jan.


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Ortega, Sept. This work by Kidder contains excellent illustrations and descriptions of a variety of Pecos ceremonial objects. This, too, may have been part of Father Ortega's campaign.